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Our York security technicians have over 240 years of combined security experience in video surveillance, access control and locksmithing for home and auto.

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Commercial Security

Protect your employees, assets, and property. Our custom designed security systems protect companies of all sizes, from large franchises to small businesses.

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Advanced Access Control Systems in York, PA

Secure your space with advanced access control systems, including key pads, card readers, activity reporting, remote accesss, and more.

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Locksmithing & Security

Protect your family and most valued possessions with locksmithing and security services, so you when are away from home you never have to worry.

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"Great customer service!!! This locksmith shop has been around for years and takes pride in their work."

Jake B.

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Security Camera Installation Experts York, PA

Tech Expertise

Our highly trained technical staff has over 240 years of combined industry experience in York, PA. No matter what your need, we have the knowledge and skills to help you find the best solution.

Quality Products

We work with the most technologically advanced, brand name products to guarantee the highest level of security. All of our products have been rigorously tested and are backed by a service guarantee.

Family Owned

Our family has been servicing York, PA & surrounding areas, since 1948. We are proud to be the last family-owned locksmith in the region. We bring four generations of experience to our customers.

24/7 Emergency Support

Our staff is on call 24/7/365 to help our customers anytime. With a small fleet of mobile work vans, we’ll come to you whenever and wherever you need us in York, PA or surrounding areas.

Trust the experts at Markle Security Services to provide the highest quality products and services in a professional manner


Video Surveillance

We offer fully integrated video surveillance systems using CCTV cameras that can be accessed on-site or remotely. With our dedicated servers, we offer redundant backups of all your videos. So whenever you need to access your footage, you find exactly what you need right away.

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Access Control

We can help you protect your most vulnerable assets and areas. With our access entry control systems, you can ensure that only authorized people are allowed entry. We have a variety of technologically advanced options to meet any of your high-level security needs.

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Our expert locksmiths are on call 24/7/365. Never worry about getting locked out of your home, office, or leaving your keys in your car again. No matter the kind of lock, we can ensure you get inside. Simply give us a call and we’ll come out right away to help.

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Ensure your visitors and guests always have a safe and fun time with a fully integrated, yet discreet security system.


We work with both small and large business to build custom-tailored systems to protect against intrusion, theft and robbery, and vandalism.


Monitor the safety of your employees on the manufacturing floor while simultaneously protecting your machinery, assets, property, and finished goods.


Our security systems are fully integrated. So no matter how many franchise locations you have, you can monitor them from a singular access point.


Protecting our children in York, PA is the highest priority. We provide unobtrusive security solutions that keep them safe, while ensuring they can just focus on learning.


Protect your family at home and while you are away. Whether you want access control or video surveillance, we’ll design a system to keep you safe!

Thanks for the prompt service.

Dr. Michael Z.

Thank you for your timely service.

Donna K.

Your service is wonderful. Thank you for the professional camera installation.

Darrell R., President Hawks Gunning Club

Very happy to say that one of your employees helped my family out tremendously this past weekend after hours when our garage door failed to work and we had locked all the doors without a key.

Zack M.

Great customer service!!! This locksmith shop has been around for years and takes pride in their work.

Jake B.

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